Management Plans

One of the core principals that AYKsolutions was built upon is the belief that competent and timely support should make up the core of a successful business. Since 2004 we have stood behind our clients 100% and always provided the highest level of support 24/7.

Semi-Managed Experience

Every one of our hosting services comes backed by our Semi-Managed package absolutely free. Our customers have told us that it rivals or even exceeds a lot of other providers' fully managed options. Just some of the things the Semi-Managed solution includes:

  • Free migration of your files, databases and emails from your old provider to us, with zero downtime.
  • Assistance with fine tuning the server's performance to ensure you get the best possible loads.
  • Assistance with installing common third party software.
  • Free installation of FFMPEG modules and all necessary codecs.
  • Proactive ping monitoring to ensure your server is always up.

For the full list please download our Semi-Managed Experience data sheet.

AYKsolutions Semi-Management Overview

  • DoS monitoring - we will monitor your server for DoS and notify you of attack. If incoming we will stop it at our gateway/router and if outgoing we will help you find the compromise.
  • Hardware replacement - we will replace hardware at our expense with onsite spares.
  • Hack recovery and dissection - if your server is hacked we will help you figure out why by going through logs and directories so we can secure it for future use.
  • Services configuration help - our techs will help you initially configure and answer questions on services configuration including cPanel - DNS, email etc.
  • Services restart - if you lose a service - we will restart it at your request if you do not have access.
  • Control Panel support - if you buy one from us - we will support you on it.
  • Initial server setup assistance with a control panel upon request.
  • Free relocation assistance upon request. We will help you move your sites/files!
  • Free proactive ping monitoring on all of our servers. If your server is down, we will get it back online on our own!
  • Free http, pop and smtp port/service monitoring upon request with 10 minute checks.
  • Free Server Metrics account upon request. View your system usage, hardware space and bandwidth usage with overage and usage alerts for free!
  • Initial hardening and optimization (Select *Nix OS only) - Upon request, our technicians will deploy protective features such as a firewall, rootkit detectors, root login alerts and more. Certain services like apache and mysql will also be optimized.
  • We will support your needs to the best of our abilities. In the past we had no problems with assisting our clients performing tasks such as recompiling apache/php/mysql (with control panel only), resolving web server and mysql errors, troubleshooting dns and email issues and assisting with FTP problems.
  • We will provide assistance with configuration of FFMPEG and related scripts to successfully run your software.
  • We will provide assistance with commonly used third party applications, to the best of our abilities.
  • Most other providers will charge for the above tasks to be completed while we do not. If the task requested is a more complex one, we will notify the client that their account will be billed for the work done before proceeding. We can do this solely at our discretion.

And much more ...

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Initial Server Hardening

Over the years we have worked out the perfect package of security tools to install on your new Linux server free of charge. If you select this during the check out process, our team will install several pieces of software that will lock down your server's environment and aid in protecting you from potential compromises.

For the full list of applications that will be installed, please download our Initial Hardening data sheet.

AYKsolutions Initial Hardening Overview

  • APF (Advanced Policy Firewall) or CSF Policy based, reactive firewall. Works with IPTables.
  • LSM (Linux Socket Monitor) Monitors system for newly opened ports and services.
  • LES (Linux Environment Security) installation on applicable OS. Sets correct permissions on dangerous binaries, profile scripts and more.
  • Mail Source Tracking Enable tracking of emails sent via PHP scripts. (cPanel only)
  • BFD (Brute Force Detection) or LFD Identifies login password cracking attempts.
  • IFTOP does for network usage what 'top' does for CPU usage.
  • MyTOP does for MySQL usage what 'top' does for CPU usage.
  • ATOP shows a more thorough output than 'top' does for CPU usage. (Available on RH-based OS only)
  • Services Hardening Tweak & harden common services to minimize information broadcasted about software versions.
  • Time Synchronization Sync local system clock to a time server.
  • Setup 'libsafe' Filter common software attacks. (On 32bit Linux OS only)
  • Setup 'logwatch' Log parsing and reporting utility.
  • Backdoor inspection Inspect and verify server for sanity from backdoor exploits.
  • SSH Server Hardening Modify default sshd server config files to address common protocol & authentication issues.
  • Software Updates Local inspection of installed software/retrieval of vendor & OS updates.
  • PHP open_basedir Modify PHP setup to enforce a set of 'safe' execution paths.
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Fully Managed Hosting Solutions

One of the founding principals that AYKsolutions was built on is the belief that competent and timely support should make up the core of a successful business. Since 2004 our team has stood behind our clientele 100%, day and night. We will continue to build on our experiences and strive to achieve the utmost level of professionalism, care and knowledge in all aspects of our operation.

For more details, please download our Fully Managed Hosting data sheet.

AYKsolutions Full Management Overview

  • Everything in the Semi-Managed Package and the Initial Hardening Package.
  • Operating Systems - *Nix and Windows.
  • Control Panels - Cpanel/WHM, Plesk, Helm, DirectAdmin, Webmin.
  • 24/7/365 monitoring and guaranteed 15 minute initial reaction time to downed servers and services.
  • Server security monitoring.
  • Monitoring of all logging, socket and service activity via our OSSEC cluster.
  • Monitoring of hard drive space usage, disk IO, RAM usage, system load and much more.
  • Instant, up to date rebootless kernel patching.
  • Change SSH port for added security.
  • Custom kernel configurations upon request.
  • Kernel upgrades/patching/hardening upon request.
  • Operating system upgrades upon request.
  • Sysctl Hardening
  • /tmp hardening with noexec
  • Setting up memcache and memcached for better Mysql server performance
  • Installing PSAD to monitor log activity.
  • Remount partitions with noatime option to improve IO.
  • Operating system updates applied within 48 hours of release. (Windows Only)
  • MOD_TOP enables quick searching of bottlenecks, memory hogs and much more.
  • Compromise investigations.
  • Bandwidth monitoring via your myAYK account.
  • Server 3rd party software installations to the best of our abilities.
  • Diagnosis and resolution for any server-related issue (DNS. Email, Web, etc).
  • Custom Apache, Lighttpd or LiteSpeed configurations.
  • Mail server tweaks for spam reduction.
  • Custom and automated rootkit scanning.
  • Reconfigure host.conf to prevent DNS lookup poisoning & spoofing protection.
  • Installation and configuration of Nginx webserver. (Cpanel necessary)
  • System performance tuning.
  • Assisting with installation and configuration of non-standard (those that do not come with the server by default) 3rd party applications to the best of our abilities.
  • Free relocation assistance. We will help you move your sites/files!
  • Trend analysis. ...and much, much more!

Consultation Service - Included with our CSMC package is our business and server consultation plan. You can benefit from our years of experience in the server administration and hosting industry. We can make suggestions regarding...

  • Billing systems
  • Helpdesk software
  • Control panels
  • New hardware recommendations
  • NOC referrals
  • Discuss colo versus server leasing

...and many other business aspects that the new business needs to get rolling quickly and successfully. Avoid making costly mistakes!

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  • Server clusters As you grow, you may come to realize that a single node is not enough to power your web server, email server, database server and other applications. AYKsolutions' knowledgeable team of engineers has years of experience with designing and deploying scalable and cost efficient cluster solutions. Setups can range anywhere from two to three web-database nodes to spanning across a virtually limitless number of servers with a focus on security, redundancy and scalability.


    Contact us for more information on how a scalable cluster can help you grow.

  • Load balancing By utilizing a load balanced solution from AYKsolutions, you can virtually eliminate down time. Load balancing can be incorporated to work with as little as 2 different nodes to large, geographically diverse clusters. Whatever the scenario, our team of engineers will work closely with you to design the perfect solution that will be within your budget.


    Contact us for more information on how a load-balanced solution can help you reach your target audience faster.

  • Failover Configurations Nobody likes downtime. Failover hosting is one of the answers to avoiding unnecessary downtime. By having a hot standby ready to go, you eliminate a single point of failure in case one of your live servers goes offline. Should that occur, the hot standby takes over within seconds and ensures that your visitors do not get the dreaded "Page Not Available" error.


    Contact us for more information on failover hosting.

  • Initial Consultation If your web site or application is not performing up to par and you are just not sure what to do, drop us a line. AYKsolutions friendly and knowledgeable staff is capable of working with you to design and deploy a hosting solution that will not only meet your needs now, but also accommodate your growth in the future. We have years of experience with a multitude of hosting control panels, billing systems, third party applications such as Joomla, AVS, vBulletin, Drupal, osCart, Zend Cart and many others.


    Contact us for an Initial Consultation today.

  • Optimized Web Server Setup Apache is the most commonly used web server in the world today. For majority of the public, it does the job very well. But for certain deployments Apache may not be enough. It may not be able to serve 20,000 simultaneous connections without crashing the server. We have seen this happen time and time again. Our technicians have experience with alternative web servers such as Litespeed, Lighttpd and Nginx. We will isolate the existing bottlenecks and put in place a solution based on a mix of web servers and accelerators such as Varnish and xCache to really make your website fly.


    Contact us for more information on what an alternate web server can do for you.