Dedicated Hosting and Servers

Where can you get a server?

We have servers all over the world. View our data center map to see our locations and server options. >View map Data Center Locations for Dedicated Servers

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How long does it take to setup my dedicated server?

Setup times are generally around 24 business hours. However, length of time will depend if custom configurations and custom builds are necessary.

Does AYKsolutions have a Service Level agreement (SLA)?

Each data center has its own level of SLA. Please inquire with our Sales team for additional details.

Can I upgrade from shared hosting to a dedicated server?

Yes, if you have a shared hosting account with AYKsolutions you can upgrade to a dedicated server. We will migrate all of your files, creating a seamless process for you.

What are the fees for dedicated servers?

Prices vary depending on your location and the server package you select. AYKsolutions dedicated servers start as low as $69/month.

How many IP addresses (public) are included with dedicated servers?

Each AYKsolutions dedicated server has at least one single public IP address. Additional IPs can be allocated with proper justification.

What is a data center?

A data center is a facility used to manage websites and store hardware infrastructures. AYKsolutions Data Centers are located all over the world and play a big role in maintaining top-notch service and ensuring maximum uptime. >View our datacenters

How much data transfer is included?

AYKsolutions dedicated servers include anywhere between 10TB to 100TB of data transfer bandwidth per month (unless otherwise specified). Unmetered ports, up to 10gbps, are also available.


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