How to Save Costs in 2016 with Dedicated Hosting

How to Save Costs in 2016 with Dedicated Hosting

Despite the fact that our economy is well into a recovery from the recent recession, most of us still feel cautious and keep a tight rein on expenses whenever possible. Competent CEOs and business owners are routinely focused on cutting costs and increasing profits. One of the most effective cost cutting solutions for companies with an online presence is to assess whether they are overpaying for their web hosting plan.

Is Shared Hosting Really Cheaper?

Many website owners quickly jump to the conclusion that shared hosting is the cheapest way to go. While shared hosting is an affordable solution for websites with low traffic, it becomes wholly inadequate for sites that see more traffic. In fact, all the money saved with a shared hosting plan may be indirectly lost as a result of lengthy or repeated periods of downtime that send potential customers over to the competition. Remember, that with shared hosting, you’re sharing your bandwidth with numerous other websites on a single hardware server. A dedicated server with a reliable hosting company ensures consistently good performance.

Ways to Save Costs with Dedicated Hosting

It’s crucial to balance performance requirements and budget considerations. Simply choosing the cheapest hosting option is a poor business decision. Not all hosting companies and plans are alike. AYKsolutions is a reliable host with a fair and transparent pricing schedule enabling us to provide you with a dedicated hosting plan for less investment than you might expect.

Here’s how:

  • Minimal Unexpected Expenses. AYKsolution’s transparent pricing of dedicated hosting plans virtually eliminates unexpected and unpredictable expenses allowing you to adhere to your business budget.
  • Quicker Setup Time. AYKsolution’s efficiency results in significantly faster setup, which means your website is up and running – and increasing your income – sooner rather than later.
  • No IT Staff Needed. By using AYKsolutions as your IT staff, your company reduces human resource costs so you can focus on your business.
  • Elimination of Maintenance Costs. At AYKsolutions, we maintain and repair all hardware necessary to run your dedicated hosting plan so your productivity never suffers and you’re never hit with crippling repair costs.
  • Benefit from Cutting Edge Techonology. By partnering with AYKsolutions, you are assured the latest and greatest that current technology has to offer.
  • Save Money With a Linux Dedicated Server. If you don’t specifically require a Windows environment, using a Linux server can provide you with an array of excellent features at a much more affordable price.

Are you ready to start saving money? If so, we’re standing by ready to help.