How it Works

Support Features

  • All of our Cloud Servers are semi-managed
  • Our knowledgeable, friendly and professional staff will answer your queries 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Rest soundly knowing that there is always someone there who you can rely on.
  • We will also gladly help you move your accounts/files from your old host to us for free.

Network Features

  • Your Cloud Servers will run on our Tier1 multi-gige network using such providers as Internap, Mzima, and PCCW.
  • All of our Cloud Servers connect to our switches via dedicated pipes, whether you choose 10mbps or 100mbps port speeds.
  • Everything is also optimized by Avaya's RouteScience and Internap's FCP technologies for smarter packet routing, thus decreasing latency and ping times.
  • For ease of backups and intra-dc communication, each server comes with access to our free gigabit private network.

The Cloud Advantage

  • While others will use something like Virtuozzo and pass it off as a 'cloud', AYK offers a truly enterprise-grade cloud infrastructure built on VMware. Your cloud server will be provisioned and managed by VMware vCenter and will be loaded with VMware vSphere, the industry's first cloud operating system. Through vCenter, you will be able to remotely manage all of your nodes.
  • By seamlessly adding hardware nodes through vCenter, you will be able to setup fault-tolerant, highly available clusters with no downtime and just a click of a button.
  • Your mission critical applications and websites no longer need to suffer downtime due to faulty hardware components. Instead of regular hard drives, all of your data will be stored on our enterprise-grade HP StorageWorks SAN sporting dual raid5 and raid10 arrays on SAS 15k hard drives, ensuring that your data is as secure as possible. From root control to fully-customizable applications, this solution puts you in complete control of your hosting infrastructure.
Cloud Server
CPU Cloud Storage Ram Transfer Features Pricing
Core i7
500GB 4GB 1Gbps Burstable* Free Cpanel for life of Cloud
$280/mo Sold Out
$180/mo + $355 setup
Lower monthly with buydown
Sold Out
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Dual Westmere
500GB 6GB 1Gbps Burstable* Free Cpanel for life of Cloud
$369/mo Sold Out
$316/mo + $334 setup
Lower monthly with buydown
Sold Out
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*The bandwidth allocation that comes with your server (10mbps, 100mbps or 1GBPS) is completely usable and you can burst to the full port size. However, per our Terms of Service, your average monthly usage must not be over 35% of this allocated rate (3.5mbps, 35mbps or 350mbps respectively), or your account will be subject to review. Please check our Terms of Service for acceptable bandwidth usage on the AtlantaNAP servers.

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