Start The New Year With Taking Advantage of High Bandwidth Dedicated Hosting

Start The New Year With Taking Advantage of High Bandwidth Dedicated Hosting

The start of a new year brings with it exciting personal and professional opportunities. In business, it’s an excellent time to refresh goals and explore more efficient ways of doing things. As an established and reputable provider of high bandwidth dedicated hosting, we at AYKsolutions want to be a significant part of your 2015.

Bandwidth? Dedicated hosting? Are your eyes already glazing over? The first thing we’re going to do is ensure that you do not dismiss this crucial aspect of your business with a little Website Hosting 101.

What is “Bandwidth?”

Bandwidth is the amount of data that’s transferred through a network within a set period of time.

How do I know how much bandwidth I need?

How much bandwidth your network requires depends on the specific type of website you have, the type of visitors and amount of traffic, the number of images, audio and video, and your business goals. A company whose website is simply for viewing and informational purposes may need as little as 3 GB. One whose site is accessed for sizable data transfers or busy e-commerce must have a high bandwidth, up to 200 GB in some cases. We use a simple calculation to make a reliable approximation for you.

Learn about dedicated servers and datacenter options.


What is “Dedicated Hosting?”

Most businesses cannot afford to purchase their own office building…or their own website server. Hence, they lease space. With your physical office space, wouldn’t you prefer to have your own private space solely dedicated to your company? With dedicated hosting, you’re leasing exclusive and pre-configured, state-of-the-art equipment and connectivity from a hosting service provider. In other words, it’s all yours. You are not sharing server space on a virtual server with other websites. And, you’re not responsible for managing or maintaining it. AYKsolutions customizes and manages your server 24/7. However, while benefitting from our technical expertise, you retain total control over your internet presence, including the operating system, disk space requirements, email solution, database software, streaming media and more. If a hardware component fails, we are responsible for replacing it…not you. And, just as you can conduct multiple businesses from your leased office space, you can also host multiple sites on one machine.

Excited? We are. AYKsolutions wants to help you bring your business to the next level this year with high bandwidth dedicated hosting. Why choose AYKsolutions?