VPS Hosting

AYKsolutions is proud to offer an easy to use, reliable line of virtualization products. With a semi-managed VPS from us, you can seamlessly upgrade from your shared or reseller account without spending the money on a high-end dedicated server. It's a perfect stepping stone for those that would like to experience the power of a Intel Xeon multi-processor server with ECC RAM and a large, redundant 8 x RAID10 hard drive arrays for the fastest I/O. The nodes are housed in our state of the art Atlanta and Chicago datacenters managed by Cisco and HP networking equipment.

Each VPS comes with your choice of a control panel and many different Linux flavors. Windows is also available in Atlanta. Manage your nodes via SolusVM or Virtuozzo for total control.

Windows Cores Per VPS: AYKlite and AYKmid come with 1 core minimum. AYKpro and AYKvip come with 2 cores minimum.
Linux Cores Per VPS: AYKlite and AYKmid come with 2 cores minimum. AYKpro and AYKvip come with 4 cores minimum.

VPS Hosting Plans
Plan Hard Drive RAM Transfer $/mo. Availability
AYKlite - Windows 30GB 2048MB/Burst to 4GB 10Mbps $44.95 Order Now
AYKmid - Windows 50GB 3072MB/Burst to 6GB 10Mbps $54.95 Order Now
AYKpro - Windows 90GB 5120MB/Burst to 8GB 10Mbps $74.95 Order Now
AYKvip - Windows 140GB 8192MB/Burst to 12GB 10Mbps $94.95 Order Now
AYKlite - Linux 50GB 512MB/Burst to 1GB 20Mbps $29.95 Order Now
AYKmid - Linux 100GB 1024MB/Burst to 2GB 50Mbps $39.95 Order Now
AYKpro - Linux 200GB 2048MB/Burst to 4GB 100Mbps $49.95 Order Now
AYKvip - Linux 300GB 3072MB/Burst to 6GB 100Mbps $69.95 Order Now

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