Our Vault backup system runs on the industry-leading Rsync protocol. Rsync solution is a server protocol that enables disk-based data protection and disaster recovery for linux servers and workstations running Microsoft Windows and Linux operating systems.

Support Multiple Environments

The Vault can be installed on either a Microsoft Windows Server or Linux Server. Both Windows and Linux computers running the Vault program can be protected. Both Linux and Windows data protection are managed through the command line. By using either the Task Scheduler or a cron, you can run the backups at any point in time. When you need to restore something, you can get back up online and running almost instantly with a Samba mount. There are also no setup fees.

Our Backup Hardware and Network

We use the latest hardware, fully redundant HP StorageWorks SANs with ECC RAM to keep your data safe. We run Solaris operating system with ZFS filesystem on each backup node. Each server is connected via a 1Gbps link. The R1soft servers are located in the AtlantaNAP datacenter, Atlanta. The regular FTP/RSYNC/SSH backup servers are located in New York City.

Have Your Own Hardware?

We can offer you full R1soft v3.0 licenses that include the MySQL module, Cpanel module, Datacenter console, CDP Servers and upgrades. All this for just $10/mo!