Unmetered Dedicated Servers

About Unmetered Servers from AYKsolutions

If you are in need of a high quality server that does not limit the amount of bandwidth a typical server allows, unmetered servers are the answer. AYKsolutions provides 1gbps and 10gbps unmetered servers, which allow for the pushing and pulling of ample amounts of data, without the worry of overage costs. With unmetered servers, there are no charges for data transfer usage, just a flat monthly fee. Unmetered servers are great for file hosts, or individuals looking to run their own IPTV content and other streaming projects. At AYKsolutions, we deploy configurations for every budget and deliver flexible hardware structures, all while providing quality bandwidth for your dedicated server.

AYKsolutions offers the following server options:

1gbps unmetered servers offered in North America, Europe and Asia. Almost all our 1gbps servers can be setup as unmetered.

10gbps unmetered servers offered in United States and Europe.

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FAQ about Unmetered Servers

What is the difference between Metered and Unmetered Servers?

In terms of metered vs. unmetered servers, the difference is pretty simple. Metered servers give you a set, specific amount of usable bandwidth (data) per month. Once you go over that amount, you will incur overage fees. Unmetered servers do not have a limited bandwidth per month. Meaning, with unmetered servers, you can use as much bandwidth per month that you need without paying any additional costs. Unmetered servers are connected to a network on a set port speed, and you are allowed full access to use as much or as little bandwidth on that port as possible.

Top uses for an unmetered server:

Unmetered servers are reliable and effective as they help to avoid any bandwidth overages you might experience on a metered server. Individuals and companies who have rapidly growing websites, engage in web hosting, stream videos, or host game servers would benefit from an unmetered server. All the bandwidth you need would be available without incurring additional fees.