Managed IT Infrastructure Services

With customer service at the heart of everything we do, AYKsolutions offers a range of Managed IT Infrastructure services, designed to take the complexity out of running a powerful, reliable infrastructure for your company.

Your Own IT Department

On a day-to-day basis, a business utilizes IT services across the board, from marketing to sales, accounting to human resources, and more. A high performance, highly available infrastructure is a must-have for any viable business as well as the expert staff members who can keep your systems running.

At AYKsolutions, we employ experienced staff members, with specialists available for everything from application security to monitoring the health of your network. Our team can manage your IT infrastructure, maintain outstanding performance, and ensure that your infrastructure is easily scalable for future growth.

Have the confidence to grow your business without technical limitations and let an experienced AYKsolutions team manage your IT infrastructure.


Infrastructure and Project Management

AYKsolutions helps customers bring their plans to life every single day. Our knowledgeable team, available 24/7/365, are on-hand to discuss your goals one-on-one and are happy to advise the best implementation from a network, hardware, and management perspective. Be it a single server setup, a complex clustered environment, or a fully redundant geographical deployment, we have the know-how to make your vision a reality.

Take advantage of our years of experience and contact us today to discuss your requirements.


Location Research

For incredible availability as your network grows, a geographically diverse and redundant cluster can be a vital part of a great IT infrastructure. Researching the most effective locations, though, can be expensive, time consuming, and complex.

At AYKsolutions, we work with the best data centers in the business and can access the best-suited facilities for your application at a remarkably competitive price point. With our extensive expertise, we can guarantee that your project will be running on the best hardware, on the best networks, and in the best geographic locations for your business.

Save time, money, and resources and let AYKsolutions handle the back end of your high-redundancy infrastructure.


Backup Services

Any expert in IT will tell you that keeping regular data backups is possibly the most important element of any project. Unfortunately, this point is often overlooked in infrastructure management, leaving businesses in the dark until their vital data is irretrievably lost.

We know how crucial your data is to you and your business and implement a fully redundant, on-site and off-site backup strategy to ensure that your data is protected in the event of hardware failure.

Don't find out the hard way how important data backups are and contact AYKsolutions today for a free quote.


Looking for something else? Contact Us with your request and we will work out a package tailored to your specific needs.