AYKsolution's Hosting Services

Shared Hosting

With shared hosting, AYKsolutions offers you the ability to receive the best hosting results all at an affordable price. We offer you hassle-free administrative hosting and secure monitoring, while delivering easy navigation and fast paced service to your clients. Shared hosting provides you with your own private bandwidth and space for a quick loading, problem-free, full service database. >more

VPS Hosting

VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting allows for an upgraded performance and experience, by giving you the ability to assist in administering your own database. Our semi-managed hosting option gives you more flexibility and optimal speed benefits and performance, while saving you at least 3x the amount of a dedicated server. >more

Reseller Hosting

AYKsolutions provides reseller hosting packages, allowing you to have your own dedicated server without having to deal with complicated maintenance and server issues. Reseller hosting is an inexpensive way to host a large site that can handle all of your needs, and provide you room for growth. Once you purchase AYKsolutions services wholesale, you can rent one of our dedicated servers, and then choose to keep or resell your shared services. With a 99.9% guaranteed uptime, reseller hosting runs quickly and gives you more control over where your space goes- all while costing you less than a dedicated server. >more

Cloud Hosting

AYKsolutions’s cloud hosting option offers immensely scaled storage and network bandwidth on an enterprise-grade infrastructure. Our optimized multi-gig network allows for rapid sharing and remote management of your data. By having no actual hardware components, our cloud hosting offers users heightened processing power with no downtime- all from the click of a button. >more

Dedicated Servers

Our dedicated servers are among the most popular web hosting choice for individuals with large trafficked sites and sizable storage requirements. With up to 32 GB of RAM available, AYKsolutions’s dedicated servers provide an exclusive, top of the line, powerful, secure server option for companies all over the world. >more

Business Hosting

All businesses need a significant web presence, yet some use a host that simply doesn’t provide them all the support and functionality they need. Thankfully, AYKsolutions offers enterprise level business hosting, which empowers growth within companies and provides expert level support. AYKsolutions offers both Linux and Windows based business hosting, starting as little as $10 per year. Additionally, our experienced staff will assist you in migrating all of your important data in a timely manner with absolutely no downtime. >more